Student life

International students at UNIMI

Being a University of Milan’s student gives you the unique opportunity to be part of our dynamic, active and funny student’s community!
We offer you the chance to train and do many kind of sports, to attend cinemas, theatres and cul-tural events for free, to getting around the beautiful city of Milan, internationally well known for fashion, food, music and night life, to play music with our Orchestra and be part of one of UNIMI student associations.

UNIMI - Inclusiva

The University of Milan has a commitment to inclusion, diversity, and equal rights and opportunities for the entire academic community: students, instructors, and technical and administrative staff.

In cooperation with the Italian National Anti-Racial Discrimination Office (UNAR), the University – particularly through the Office of the Deputy Rector for Legality, Transparency, Rights and Equality (Prof. Marilisa D'Amico) – has launched a project to offer new or prospective students food for thought on the notions of equality and inclusion.

Through seminars and materials made available on the University website, the Unimi-Inclusiva project aims to raise awareness against all forms of discrimination, whether based on gender, sexual orientation, disability, religious beliefs or race.

The University Sports Centre – CUS

The University Sports Centre, or CUS, is an amateur sports association that has been promoting and organizing university sporting activities for over 70 years. It allows Milanese university stu-dents to play many sports at affordable rates, both in the events managed by the centre, and in affiliated sports facilities.

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Cultural activities

The University has built a relationship network and signed agreements with cultural institutions and associations of Milan and other cities, to promote cultural exchanges between the academic and local communities. If you study or work at the University, you can get discounted tickets and season tickets, including, in some cases, for one or more friendsCinemas, theatres, music societies, cultural spaces and associations welcome you to meetings with authors, directors and actors, exhibitions, festivals, panels, workshops, etc.

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Students Associations

The University of Milan supports cultural, social and sporting initiatives promoted and managed by its students and dedicated to its students.

In order to ensure a fair and transparent allocation of financial resources and spaces across initia-tives, the University has established a register for associations, cooperatives, groups and lists of representatives in the academic boards.

Only UNIMI students regularly enrolled in one of the pro-grammes of the University of Milan for a. y. 2019/2020 will be considered valid students associations’ members.

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Making music

The Orchestra
The Symphony Orchestra of the University of Milan was created in 2000 upon the initiative of maestro Alessandro Crudele, who remains its conductor, of then rector Paolo Mantegazza, Goffredo Haus, Alfio Bosatra and a large group of musicians, mainly students and alumni. Today it is considered one of the best Italian youth orchestras, a music production centre and an excellent school, whose young talents went on to play with the likes of the Cherubini and Verdi or-chestras in Milan.

Every year, world-class conductors and soloists are invited to its free concert season.Also part of the project is the Academic Ensemble, a young amateur group of students, teachers and employees of the University, which made its debut in 2016 with a classical-symphonic reper-toire. Over time, the Ensemble has become a sort of "permanent nursery" for the Orchestra, which recruits its most talented members.

The Choir
Founded 25 years ago as part of academic cultural activities, the Choir of the University of Milan is a mixed four-voice choir, consisting mainly of students and staff.

Conducted by maestro Renzo Galimberti, the Choir has a wide repertoire ranging from Gregorian chant to classical repertoire – renaissance polyphonic, baroque, nineteenth- and twentieth-century, sacred and profane music – up to gospel and musical. Each year the Choir selects its members through auditions, reserved for students and staff, according to a calendar published online or notified by e-mail.

The Choir meets each week for a 3-hour rehearsal, with further rehearsals ahead of concerts. For further information, please visit Orchestra’s website:

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